UFO Sighting in Radnor, Ohio on July 11th 2015 – 4 glowing white/green cubes in a horizontal line

I was setting up my telescope in Radnor Ohio at my sister’s house when we saw this object.It was just starting to get dark and there was a little light from the sun setting so dusk I guess I should say.It looked like 4 or 5 cubes linked together in a horizontal line.They were glowing a white/green color.It was silent and kind of drifted quickly across the sky from the Northwest to Southeast.We thought it might have been the iss at first but it just did not look right to be the iss.Myself my sister and her daughter all 3 witnessed this object.It was totally silent and it did appear to have small structures on the top and rear or left end of the block shapes.The entire thing appeared to be glowing.It was not real bright but more like how a lamp shade looks when the lamp is on.

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