Aliens with malevolent intent.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a post that I wrote in a different forum which principal purpose is NOT UFO or alien visitation. So if it seems a bit tendentious, that is the reason why. By this I mean, if it seems to explain that which you already know, don’t think I am trying to insult your intelligence. Rather, I was writing to a group of people who were new to the whole idea really, of UFO talk. So please, do be patient with the part of this that seem rather obvious to you.

It is my personal opinion that aliens do exist, and they don’t like us. Most Humans (at least Americans) seem to think that aliens DO exist, but they seem to have gotten this idea in their head that they are benevolent. Probably they have spent too much time watching “Star Trek” and “Star Wars”, which, although both series have their baddies, are, for the most part, loaded with nice guys like Wookies and even Klingons (who turned out not to be so bad after all [and even Romulans have their own sense of honour, although they are enemies of Humans]).

Personally, I think the film “Battleship” (a far less popular science fiction film from 2012) had a much more realistic view. To quote one of the scientists, “If they find us, its going to be like Columbus and the Indians, and we’re going to be the Indians”.

I mean, let us be frank for a moment. If aliens have the ability and the technology to cross interstellar space, and possibly inter-galactic space to get here, that means that they are going to be so far beyond our technology that it is just completely ridiculous. NASA just said that we shall be going to Mars in the 2030’s. My G-d. We put a man on the Moon in 1969, and it is going to take us until an est. 2035 to put a man on Mars? That is 66 years! That is an AWFULLY long time to go very LITTLE distance! Pretty damn sorry achievement if you ask me. And what will we find there when we do? Not a whole hell of a lot, to be blunt. Rocks. Maybe with some evidence of life eons ago. That’s nice. That will effect the average Human precisely how?

I mean, ok, it is a necessary step in our space evolution, I agree, but it’s one that could have, and should have, happened by 1986 or so! Heck, if you follow the “Star Trek” time of events, Humans were fighting the Eugenics Wars in the 1990’s,and Khan Noonien Singh was ruling over three fourth’s of Asia, as I do recall, and was finally defeated and placed in a sleeper ship, the SS Botany Bay, and sent away from Earth to go bye-bye for awhile to seek his life elsewhere so as not to be a hassle for the rest of the species!

My point is this: Somewhere along the way we Humans managed to get thrown off what was looking like a pretty good trajectory toward MASSIVE accomplishments in science that could only be dreamed of in the ’40’s, started to come to fruition in the ’50’s, did so in the ’60’s and early ’70’s, and all of a sudden everything ground to a halt.

Of course, there are reasons for that. The defence budget of the USA and the USSR went completely ape-shit. People began worrying more about how to save their lives than how to get people off the ground and into space. By the time the Cold War ended in a Capitalist victory (which was better than a Communist victory, but was still not a total delight bar none, as Capitalism has things about it that suck too), other things rose up to replace it, such as problems in the Middle East in particular (those old religious and ethnic issues that come back to haunt people in EVERY age, especially in THAT part of the world), instability in Europe and Africa (the Balkan Wars and Rwanda being prime examples), environmental concerns (whether you believe in climate change or not, you can’t dispute that there is a HUGE amount of money and energy going into it), and G-d knows what else. The above is NOT an exhaustive list.

So, back to my point. You have to consider the fact that if UFO’s have come to visit us, they have technology WAY beyond our comprehension. They are so far above us that they don’t even compare to Columbus vs. the Indians. More like Columbus vs. a colony of monkeys, and no, I am NOT comparing Native American persons to monkeys. I am saying that the Natives were more like the Spaniards than we are like the aliens that will be coming/have already come to visit our world.

And they, like the Spaniards, will come to colonise, and to use. They will not come to benefit us, any more than the Spaniards came to benefit the Natives. One can talk about “the White Man’s Burden”and all that until one is blue in the face, but the fundamental fact is that any benefit the non-White residents of the Spanish, British, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Belgian, and German Empires (and any others I may have missed) got (and they did get quite a few, particularly in the case of the British), was secondary to the benefits those colonial powers got!

And at LEAST, for the most part, the Humans that ran those Empires perceived the native persons as Humans! Maybe a lesser Human, but still as Human. The aliens that come, if they come, will NOT perceive us as one of them, endowed with the same rights as they! We will be little better than animals to them, to use as they please, to experiment on, like we do with rabbits, chimpanzees, dogs, etc. Who knows, they might even decide to keep the better specimens as pets!

Granted, this is my own perspective. And I have NEVER, EVER, in all my time alive on this planet, hoped to be wrong so spectacularly as I do now. Because, to put it bluntly, if I am right, and I have no good reason to believe that I am NOT right, then we, my friends, are royally SCREWED.

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