“The Uncensored Truth About UFOs”, by Edward Ruppelt and Chet Dembeck


I am curious. Has anyone read this text, or is anyone currently reading it? I bought its most recent iteration, copyright 2012, the other day on my Kindle for US$0.99. The author died in 1960 of a heart attack (Ruppelt, that is). I am not usually one for conspiracies, but I do wonder why a man at age 37 would have had two heart attacks, the last one of which killed him. He had been head of Project Blue Book from about 1950-1953. He wrote the book in 1955. It is said that before his death he claimed that “UFOs were ‘mythology of the Space Age'”. Did he mean that, or was he ordered to say that? And did he know too much, and tell the public too much, in his book? Who did he piss off? 37-year-old men do NOT usually have two heart attacks! I mean, some do, I had a small one at the age of 35, but I am not a military officer who does PT regularly! These men are supposed to be in prime physical condition! And I have always been noted for my poor health.

Any thoughts?

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