UFO Sighting in New York, New York on August 22nd 2015 – Noticed during a backyard bbq. Quietly passed over in straight path, Several witnesses, cell phone video and pics along with cell snapshot of computer screen from another’s witnesses digital camera

I was a guest at my parents house along with several family members at a backyard bbq in an outer borough of New York City in a highly populated area at around 7:11pm. My niece noticed the object while playing on a slide in the yard outside. She informed us all and I along with my father, mother, wife, 2 nieces and my 3 very small children watched it glide over us in a straight path across the sky. It was fairly low, silent, and reflected light or had some lights on it (not quite sure). At first I thought it was a balloon or drone which still may be the case although it doesn’t look like any drone I’ve seen on the Internet. The object seem to have appendages somewhat and the company I was with joked about it looking like a man in a jet pack. So it seemed to have blinking lights or may have been reflecting sunlight off of a metallic like surface. My father who has a somewhat professional Nikon camera ran in the house to grab his camera and take photos. He was able to zoom in and snap a few photos with his camera as I recorded video of the object from my iPhone. It acted somewhat like a balloon floating by since it never really slowed down, changed direction or speed, or strayed from its path.The bbq location was approximately 100-150 ft from interstate 95. The object seemed to travel in the southbound direction of the interstate and seemed to be directly above it. I started to think it was a drone aT that point, possibly trying to get an Arial perspective of the highway. We were all excited at the thought of it being a UFO/drone because being a New Yorker, we have never really seen anything like that before. It was also a little disturbing to think maybe it was a drone recording is from above, just kinda creepy I guess. So I studied the video I have on my phone for a few minutes after the sighting and pondered what the object could be. I was pretty much settled on the thought of it being a drone until my father showed me the zoomed up image that he had taken in his camera (Nikon) which is unidentifiable to me as a drone. I took a snapshot of his computer screen after he uploaded his camera pics to his computer. So the video I will post is from my iPhone and the pixelated pic is from my fathers computer. He has the original pic which I’m sure is better quality to whomever may need it. Settled on the thought of it being a drone at the time of recording, I gave up before it passed out of sight over the neighbors houses down the street. Several minutes later I saw maybe 20-30 large white (weather balloon like ) balloons float past in the aky in similar direction. They looked nothing like the first object we spotted. They seemed to be at a higher altitude and very spread apart. They were white and much harder to see and disappeared just the same in a similar direction but not exact direction of the first object.

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