UFO Sighting in Sequim, Washington on September 19th 2015 – Orange orb hovering above Sequim, Wa suburb.

At 10:15 to 10:30 pm I was leaving an evening meeting in rural housing neighborhood about 3 miles west of Sequim, WA.(48.8701, -123.16204) It was a clear night, and I was enjoying looking at the bright stars, driving on a rural road, when I spotted an orange star. I thought it was kinda neat, and I had never seen an orange star before. As I pulled up to the stop sign I got out looked at it for a couple minutes. There were other stars in the vicinity, but they were white, so it wasn’t orange due to smoke or clouds. It looked like a star, but then I saw it seemed closer, like within lower earth orbit, since it was five to ten times larger than other stars in the sky. It did not blink or wink, like with atmospheric interference. It did not have any navigational lights on, nor wobble like a helicopter (which I saw later in the evening). Compared to the helicopter, it was bigger, stable, silent, glowing and orange (not small, moving, noisy, blinking red, white, and green). When I used reference points, I felt it was not as far as the hill 2-4 miles to the south,southwest (SSW) of me. It seemed it was just hovering over the subdivision area around Olson Road and Cassidy Creek or Aldercreek roads. I tried to take some photos, but it was too dim to be recorded. As a car was coming, I got in my car and drove. Almost immediately I could not see it, as it was above me, and blanked out by my roof (I did not think to open the sun roof). I continued south and west via Mill Road to Highway 101, which was about a half mile away. After 3ish minutes, I stopped at a gas station at the intersection and gassed up, but could not see it anymore. Don’t know if it moved, blinked out, or was drowned out by light pollution of the gas station. Posting this record, in case someone else saw it, and can plot some kind of movement. It did not seem like a natural phenomenon. What are these orbs made of? They just seem as uniform light, not shadowed by any form.

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