UFO Sighting in Shelton, Washington on September 22nd 2015 – Star like object appears and gets brighter then fades away

I like to go outside at night when its clear and use my green laser pointer as I have had many lights flash me back, I would say I started doing this about a year ago. It does not happen every night either sometimes I get no activity.
So I was outside flashing my laser at different stars for about 5 minutes or so when I suddenly see a star like object appear and get a little brighter then back to looking like a star and dissapearing. I flashed my laser in the objects direction and it appeared again getting brighter and then dissapearing. I did this maybe 2 more times and after that I couldn’t see anything else, it did not appear again.

I have witnessed many star like objects all of a sudden take off and fade away or some all of a sudden streak in (almost like a comet tail?) And come to a dead stop.
Some seem playful and flash me back the same sequence. I have also seen one take off at a high speed, come to a dead stop, make a circle and speed off again.

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