UFO Sighting in Wenatchee, Washington on September 21st 2015 – White, rapid moving object during the day

Today at 2:14 pm (beautiful, sunny day, slight breeze). I went out into my garage to take a break. I was sitting down looking out the window towards the east and saw an object heading from south to north. I stood up and immediately grabbed our binoculars that sit on the work bench just a few inches within arms reach. I tried to focus on the object through the open window with the binoculars but could not locate it, so I looked again out the window and saw that it was moving very quickly. I then ran about 7 or 8 steps out of the garage thinking I would get a better view. When I got outside it had totally disappeared. I called my Husband and we looked around the skies to see if we could locate it, but were not able to. It was white in color with a fuzzy appearance. I believe that if I were to hold my thumb up to it, I would have been able to cover it. I probably was able to view it for a total of 6-7 seconds.

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