UFO Sighting in Beeville, Texas on September 23rd 2015 – Multiple UFOs Sighted – All Look the Same

I have been observing multiple UFOs in the sky for over a year in the Beeville area. I do not know what these objects are. Tonight I was able to get good digital photos of one of these objects and also had several eye wittnesses with me that saw the objects in the sky. I am in my front yard when I am observing these objects. I look for them most every night. A licensed pilot/aircraft mechanic who is a personal friend of mine here, has also seen these objects and could not identify what they were.

I first noticed the objects because of their sequential flashing red/blue-green/white lights. I am a USAF/Texas Air National Guard Aircraft Technician and am very familiar with aircraft. What I am seeing are not aircraft nor satellites in orbit. I do no know what they are.

I first saw the object I observed/monitored tonight above my neighbor’s treetop at approximately 265 degrees West hovering. It then descended moved doward to aproximately 280 degrees Northwest, hovered at the lower altitube fore approximately 10 minutes, then moved away in the same direction slowly until it went out of sight.

The photos we have indicate a disc-shaped saucer type craft with domes on top and bottom. You can clearly see the saucer shaped craft when you zoom in on the photos along with the light (s)at mid upper section. I would liketo share these photos with MUFON in private for now.

I would like to get a telephone call from MUFON so I could describe in more detail what I and others are seeing/have seen. I think it would be worthwhile and beneficial for MUFON to observe these UFOs for themselves and photograph them.

As for my feeling about what I am seeing, I am curious as to what they are.
I am a married, stable professional/technical male person and I have civilian/military aviation backgrounds. I have had an interest aeronautical sciences and space travel since I was a child. I cannot identify these objects I am seeing. I’m not afraid of them and believe they are exactly what I call them – unidentified flying objects.

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