UFO Sighting in California on September 23rd 2015 – Clear skies; shadow displayed on ground running along side road. No object in sky

fYI, typing on cell phone currently. Driving to an account on freeway. Clear skies, not a cloud in sight. Was attempting to call boss, dialing but suddenly slight and quick “click ” no Signal and call gets dropped. Always on phone on this stretch of road, so strange to drop. Something catches my eye. Looks like a shadow flying southbound on hwy 1 at the same speed as local traffic, approximately 65 – 75 mph. Shadow is barely discernible but definitely there, and looks like its as wide as the freeway which is 2 lanes wide, its flying about 10 feet off the shoulder. Reduce speed to see if anything in sky that will cast shadow. Zero objects close enough to cast an oval shadow at those speeds. I will try and calculate possible altitude of object based of what i observed. If interested in numbers please contact me at my email. Thanks.

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