UFO Sighting in Iqaluit, Nunavut on September 21st 2015 – It appeared twice in my series of 1300 time-lapse night photos, where several normal aircraft land earlier too at visible airport..

Ii was home, my camera caught two shots of an object that appears and disappears in frame.
I shot the time-lapse at 3 seconds apart. It appears in one shot but doesn’t appear in previous or after shots. Shot#1985-nothing, #1986-has object and #1987 has no object showing. Same with object in shot #2021, which has moved a little to the left.
I only saw them when I put the movie together.
I first thought it was glare, but after fiddling with the light balance, it really looked like a solid object.
It just moved a little in between 1986-2021 photos.
Feelings? Curious, very curious.

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