UFO Sighting in Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec on September 24th 2015 – Big bright ball of light, star like appearance. At first thought it was a plane, until 2 planes flew by in the distance. I was able to make a comparison and I realized it was a silver orb of light. Disappeared suddenly.

Merged onto highway 40 from Rigaud, Quebec travelling eastbound towards Vaudreuil Dorion at about 6:40PM. Still daylight. Noticed a single large star-like globe of silver light ahead in stationary position. At first thought it was plane, until 2 planes flew at higher altitudes in the distance. Comparitively, globe of light did not resemble lights from a plane. Accelerated my speed to get closer to get a better view. Object then completely vanished/disappeared. I noted both planes in distance were still present, continuing to fly in opposite directions.
Entire sighting lasted approximately 30 seconds.
I’m wondering if anyone else travelling in that direction on highway 40 sighted the same object this evening?

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