UFO Sighting in Whiteville, North Carolina on September 19th 2015 – The four of us were on are way to work at 5:10 am when we saw to the right of us a long diagnal line of huge flashing different color lights .

We were driving on Midway Drive going towards Sellers town Rd on our way to work. When we saw just above the tree tops a long diagnal line of flashing different color lights. Each light was the size of a small car. It was just hovering you could’nt miss it! Everyone in the car was scared just to see this but then it started shooting what look like white stars from it towards the ground. We lost sight of it as my daughter speeded up to get away from it. One of the girls in the front seat took picture but they didnt take it was to dark and came out blurry. I myself was not scared as I have seen a craft as a child in 1973 in the lower Hudson valley NY as well as seeing strange things in the sky prior to this incident in the same area.

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