UFO Sighting in Very rural area, maybe Jo, Illinois on August 15th 1967 – Bright light traveling at tree top level next to highway for about 10 min suddenly took off at fantastic speed

1. Approx 10 p.m. about 50 – 60 miles west of Chicago in the middle of farm land. Driving home from Springfield. Moonless, dark clear sky, tons of stars visible. Flat, two lane highway no other vehicles or any kind of lights except one…

2. I was doing about 60 and eventually came to the realization that our car was not yet alongside a bright white light that I estimated to be about one mile ahead, about 50 – 100 feet to my left and about 50 feet above the highway.

3. At first I thought it was a relay tower and didn’t pay any attention to it.

4. I’m guessing 4 – 5 minutes passed after I first noticed the light and then realized it was still about a mile ahead. I began watching intently and after a couple more minutes it still appeared to be a relay tower a mile ahead so I pointed it out to my wife. We watched a few more minutes and nothing changed… same brightness, relative position, etc. Suddenly the light shot upward at an angle of approx 50 – 60 degrees at tremendous speed. In about five seconds it appeared to be among the stars. I glanced at the road quickly then looked for it again but all I could see were stars. My wife also lost it among the stars in less than ten seconds.

5. For me, this was the biggest WOW moment of my life! All the usual explanations did not apply… Stars, planets, meteors, satellites, airplanes, birds, weather balloons, etc. The light was in view for about ten minutes and appeared to be moving at the the same speed as my car for about ten miles.

6. I was especially excited because my father got me interested when he used to talk about a metallic saucer shaped object hovering in the sky one afternoon in Phoenix, Az. This was during the late 1940’s when I was about five. Several people watched the object outside a grocery store for at least 20 minutes before we finally left and went home to put the groceries away.

7. I decided to submit this report after all these years just to beef up Mufon’s data base. I would also be interested to know of any similar sightings.

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