Black Triangle Sighting in Staunton, Virginia on September 19th 2015 – Triangle craft that hovered, pulsed, let out orbs of light, then zipped into the sky.

My friend and I were outside star gazing roughly around 11:07pm. We were sitting on the front porch and we noticed an object hovering in the sky that seemed to just appear out of nowhere. At first we assumed the object was a plane coming in with headlights on, but then we noticed it wasn’t moving at all. Then we became absolutely dumbfounded. My friend and I watched the object for nearly three minutes without the object having any visible change. We continued to watch the object. Around 11:10-11:11 the object began to pulse in the sky and two more lights lit up around the original light source. Roughly twenty seconds later we observed at least three orbs come from the middle of the light source. The orbs flashed multiple colors and then just seemed to vanish almost like they were cloaked. The triangle shaped lights remained for roughly three and a half minutes and then they began to slowly dip downwards. They seemed to descend for two seconds before zipping straight upwards and seeming to completely vanish from sight. During the encounter I pulled my phone out and was going to try and take a video. Unfortunately my battery had just up and died (I’m assuming the craft had something to do with it being there was a very high pitched noise along with a hum/buzz noise all through the air.) We observed the lights from what appeared to be a distance of maybe 2.75 miles away at a 40ish degree angle in the sky. During the encounter my friend and I both seemed to just be speechless and really couldn’t talk. We seemed to be absolutely dumbfounded and had no words to say besides “Do you see that too?”

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