UFO Sighting in Aurora, Colorado on September 26th 2015 – Star like light turned into two then back to one then disappeared

I was at home and went out on my patio to look at the moon because of the up coming blood moon tomorrow night…the sky was clear as can and no clouds at all…i could see the stars then a lot lower was a star like light…I though it might be an airplane light but it was not blinking colors…it was moving from right to left not really fast but not that slow either….all of sudden another light appeared right in front like it split into two they kept moving for a couple seconds then it went back into the one light and after a couple seconds completely dissapered…I was shocked And ran inside to tell my mom…she said she believed me but I really don’t think so because we were just talking about ufo’s the last couple days…I went back out to look and saw a shooting star but this was nothing like what I just saw…

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