UFO Sighting in Germania, Pennsylvania on August 15th 2015 – orange round object moved slowly circling mtn top to tree point off back but higher multiple times, slow then fast, searchlights began after it left.

Family at camp in Potter Count PA, sitting outside on back deck between 9pm and 10pm on august 15th with my mother..i remember due to my birthday being the 13th. We observed an orange round glow on the right above the mountain rim, it moved slowly towards us, no sound was ever noticed, we talked a few minutes, looked again and it was high above the tree to the right of our cabin, hovering. No pulsating, no sound, bright, solid orange. We watched it make a slow path back to the rim of the mountain and back to the tree a few times. At this point i called for my dad and husband, neither came out, again the object moved to the tree as previously done, however it shifted course dramatically and very, very fast and i went out front to find it with no luck. I rejoined my mom on the back deck, at this point we noticed searchlights all over the sky, clouds had begun to move in by then so the searchlights were easy to see due to the reflection, finally my mother said this is very odd, i don’t know what that was, and went in the cabin, the searchlights continued for about 10 minutes. We both strained to hear any sounds, initially we thought of a helicopter, but the behavior and the lack of sound voided that theory. This has been bothering me for a while now, the fact that my mom agreed something was odd struck me, for my peace of mind i needed to get other opinions and share this incident, if there is a qualifying answer to what we witnessed i am all ears. I do regret that i did not have a camera with the capacity to take night pictures. I have tried all i can think of to disprove this but i am stumped. From some crazy fireworks, to a meteor, it just does not fit into anything we have seen in our known skies.

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