JFK Assassination Truth After 50 Years of Conspiracy with Dick Russell

The hidden truth about the JFK assassination, from Lee Harvey Oswald to the secret service and grassy knoll, and the extensive conspiracy to cover up the coup d’etat that took place 50 years ago in America is discussed with “They Killed Our President,” author Dick Russell. Russell discusses Richard Case Nagell (the man who backed out of the assassination plot), as well as the Warren commission whitewash of the facts, the secret service anomalies in Dallas, the faked autopsy, and what happened at Parkland hospital on this Buzzsaw interview with Tyrel Ventura.

Dick Russell has published ten books on subjects ranging from natural history to the assassination of President Kennedy. Three recent books co-authored with former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura (“63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read” (2011), “American Conspiracies” (2010), and “Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me” (2008) all spent weeks on the New York Times Best-Seller List. A fourth book with Ventura, “DemoCrips and ReBloodlicans: No More Gangs in Government,” was published in 2012 and is coming out in an updated paperback version in June 2013.
“On the Trail of the JFK Assassins,” Russell’s second book examining the conspiracy behind what happened to President Kennedy, appeared in 2008.


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00:01 Welcome to Buzzsaw.
00:17 Welcoming Dick Russell, author of “They Killed Our President:”
01:14 Writing books with Jesse Ventura.
01:43 First understanding the JFK assassination conspiracy and Richard Popkin.
03:17 Richard Case Nagell, the man who pulled out of the assassination plot.
07:19 Laying out all of the known evidence on the JFK conspiracy.
09:07 The Katzenbach memo that shaped the lone-gunman theory.
11:38 The Secret Service irregularities in Dallas.
14:19 The importance of learning the truth on the Kennedy assassination.
18:08 The CIA editing the Zapruder film and Oswald photos.
19:05 Parkland hospital and the faked autopsy.
22:33 Getting pushback about researching the darkside of America.
25:41 Jesse Ventura and collaborating on books and telling the truth.

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