UFO Sighting in Coralville, Iowa on September 28th 2015 – Large fireball moves across sky, disappears. Minutes later second appears in same place and takes same path.

I was headed out the front door of my parents house with my dad to go look at my car. I began to walk onto the driveway when I looked up at the moon. The night before we had the Supermoon Eclipse and the moon still is large and bright and right infront of their house. I immediately notice a large, orange red fireball in the sky to the lower left side of the moon. We both stood in awe as we watched it slowly make its way in a horizontal path towards the left of the sky.

I have recently found myself extremely fascinated with aliens, ufos, ghosts, and the paranormal. So while my dad, (who runs the astronomy department at the local university), is busy trying come up with logical explanations I quickly poo-poo him and jump to the forerunner in my brain; UFO!

It is large in the sky. Larger than any star I’ve ever seen by at least three or four fold. It was hard to tell if it was a large ball of fire or just a ball of light. At times, it looked more solid than others. Its pace was slow but steady, on a mission but in no real rush. If you stared at it for long enough it almost looked like it was a ball of light inside of a ball of fire. Or there was just a ball of something more solid inside. It was a sight for sore eyes.

Its halfway across the sky when it starts to silently, fade away into the night sky. . I realize I need footage and start scrambling for my phone. I manage a measly three second video of what looks like an orb in the sky. By the time, I look up from trying to get a video the object has completely disappeared.

My dad and I are completely baffled. We sit for a minute to wrap our heads around it before I start to work on my car. About three or four minutes later I come out from underneath my car to get something and by chance look up in the sky and again see the fireball!

The ball had started back at point A to the lower left of the moon, looking just as it had when we first saw it, as if it had never made its way across the sky and disappeared a few minutes prior. I shouted to my dad and this time as it began its slow journey across the sky I was prepared. I was able to take an almost two minute video of the fireball bright in the sky, moving, and then slowly disappearing. You are also able to see what appears to be a ball inside of a ball. (Please excuse my profanity in the second video).

After the second fireball disappeared following the exact same pattern of the first we stayed on the driveway for awhile. I continued to work on my car hoping another would return however nothing more did. This is not, however, the first time I have seen unexplainable lights or objects in the sky in my parents neighborhood. Just the first time I have ever gotten it on video.

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