UFO Sighting in Farrar, Northern Territory on June 30th 2007 – Fireball in sky, hovered above us and changed direction. Dull cracking noises present, gave off heat.

My partner and I were outside on the verandah feeding our dog. It was just before dinner time, around 7:30 PM when we heard a short loud indescribable noise. We ran out onto the grass just off the verandah and spotted what appeared to be a falling ball of fire. I initially thought it was flaming debris from someones firecracker, as there is a large field of bushland meters away. However, it appeared to move N-NE in a starlight line, defying cross winds. As it descended slowly towards us, getting bigger and brighter, we could distinctively see the colours of its flames, beating just like a candle and bright yellow. You could begin to hear cracking and popping noises, just as if you were next to a camp fire. It appeared to be right above us just hovering in one place, in what seemed to be minutes passing by. The fireball then started to move in an upward angle, we could feel the heat emanating from it as it began to ascend in a S-SW line. It faded slowly, not like it was going out, but as if it was moving farther away giving a soft orange-red glow, before disappearing from sight.

I decided to report the incident to the Bureau of Meteorolgy and the local observatory, and their responses were almost identical. Stating that there was a jet demonstration that afternoon where the pilots burned their fuel. They also described in detail what fuel burning is, as if it was definitive that the object was nothing more.

My upbringing was in a Royal Air Force family, and we see many demonstrations of jet fly-bys and fuel burning, but none that last more than seconds. None that can match the movement or duration of what we had seen that night.

I am still uncertain of what we had witness that night.

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