UFO Sighting in Nashville, Tennessee on March 6th 2015 – Single bright light appeared to spin and become 4 lights of the same brightness. Hovering

On march 6, 2015 i was traveling east bound on briley pkwy west. It was during thesnow that we had around then, and because it was around 11:30 or 12am and icey i was the only person on the road. As i approached the bend 3/4 of a mile before the whites creek pike exit i saw a single bright light on the right hand side of the road. It was like a spotlight hovering what appeared to be around 30-40 ft off of the ground. I didnt think much about it. As i got closer the light seemed to slowly spin and become 4 white lights of the same brightness. I cant be sure that it spun but i think it did. Whatever it did, it became 4 lights. As it did that, it slowly began to move in a straight line across Briley Pkwy and stopped over a house that is on the left hand side from where i was. It sat there for as long as it took me to drive past, to where it was obscured by trees and the hill that is there.
Before the bend where i lost view is a long straight away about a mile long. I witnessed the light the whole time i was driving down that straight. And because it was icey i was moving pretty slow so i had it in vision for a couple of minutes. As i passed, it was in the air above that house and i rolled my window down to see if i could hear anything but i couldnt. I couldnt see anything the lights were mounted to. it seemed to be about 20-30 feet across. When i came back going the opposite direction about 15 minutes later it was gone. I at first assumed it was a helicopter, but as the other lights appeared it seemed odd. The way it seemed to spin without the first light being affected or dimmed. All the lights seemed to be facing me the whole time i was witnessing it and behind it seemed to be completely black. It creeped me out. I guess it was around 150 yards away at its closest point.

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