Black Triangle Sighting in Biloxi, Mississippi on September 29th 2015 – Flew over truck then casino flipped upside down hovered over the water behind the casino beam of light hit the water flipped again headed west stopped continue west

On September 29th, 2015 the time was 9:24 p.m. this is the exact time because I called a friend I have it on my call log. The unidentified flying object flew over our truck and another persons vehicle while we were driving we were coming from Ocean Springs Mississippi the event happened in Biloxi Mississippi right in front of the Beau Rivage casino. It was about 100 feet or more above our vehicles then went over the beau Rivage casino its triangle shape with three bright lights on each angle and when it flipped over and have three small white lights on each angle and red and green in the middle and had no sound at all then it flip
upside down in the front of the casino headed to the back of the casino in and cover for about 1 minute then we had to go under I-10 loop then had a clear view of it that was passed came to a red light tried to get vidio or picture couldnt get clear view.then it went further away from land into the ocean into the Gulf of Mexico but you know still see it. then it stopped over the water (hovering) huge beam of light went down into the ocean then it stopped.the beam of light stopped then you can see green and red lights when it flip continue straight path with us ,the other vichele still front of us, it followed us on highway 90 headed west from Biloxi going to Gulfport(it’s path same as us it still in ocean) we were still in Biloxi getting into Gulfport 1/2 mile, it was all ready at Moses per&Gulfport harbor Within seconds stopped again. Then was gone in the speed of light so fast is just no way a human can go that fast then I started going west again on highway 90 it was still above the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico then and then scared us (not 1St time ufo sighting but this was to close to )after got home felt this electric magnetic feeling all over and scared.husbands going to draw a picture of it was a triangle shaped ones people all over have seen also it flew very close to casino almost hitting it never seen planes,jets,etc fly close to road with moving traffic and building before. we live right by two bases there’s Navy Army Air Force planes jet helicopters fly over our home and makes sounds this had no sound we know planes,jets,etc.this we had no idea what we had seen moving in ways we cant. Had another sighting bout month ago at our home two objects coming our way towards us and then another one coming the other way then after all that the military came in the helicopters following objects lost them continue for hours looking for them with spot lights.called emergency number said army doing war games this was beginning of September.I put video on YouTube under lowther ufo by doing this lost original video (don’t understand made 2 copies there gone every other video & picture still video there dot goes up down back forth fast if blow it up u see triagle 3 lights turning in ways we cant.please do me a favor if I caught ufo after blow it up Could you send me a copy on a disk to use in DVD don’t have computer have android phone.I really appreciate it we tell people friends family they don’t believe it unless they see with own eyes.can contact at phone number thank you

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