Registration for MEMRA 2016, Module 1, Now Open

The first MEMRA module will begin January 11, 2016. Registration is now open.

Four courses are being offered:

  • Beginning Biblical Hebrew (140+ videos)
  • Beginning Biblical Greek (130+ videos)
  • Beginning Biblical Aramaic (140+ videos)
  • Beginning Ugaritic (50+ videos)

See the Course Descriptions for the required textbook for each course.

Each course is plotted out over 52 weeks. Students work through the videos and the required textbook on their own, at their own pace. Some go faster than the units are laid out; others go slower. (You won’t lose access to the videos after the 52 week mark). Courses are delivered via a CANVAS environment and interact with me with questions or comments via CANVAS discussions or email.

Each 52-week course is $120.

Registration for the first  MEMRA module of 2016  will end right after Christmas (Dec 27, 2015), two weeks before the module begins.  The two week interval is designed for students to get acclimated to the classroom environment and to make sure textbooks are in hand.  During the two-week interval students will receive instructions on how to access the classroom.


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