UFO Mailing List Post: “RAF Feltwell – UFO Trackers?”

By Gerry Lovell, 13 September 1998
(UFO UpDates, Toronto, Canada)

Source: The People, London, UK.

Date: 13 September 1998.

Quote from the post:
“This is the top secret airforce base which a former defence
chief believes is used to spy on alien activity above Britain
[photo shows two radomes positioned close to perimeter fence at
RAF Feltwell — G=AC ].
Lord Hill-Norton, chief of the defence staff in the Seventies,
is convinced that a United States Air Force squadron in Suffolk
[on the Norfolk/Suffolk County border and 70 crow miles NNE of
London — G=AC ] is tracking UFOs which may threaten Earth.
‘There’s something fishy at the base and I am puzzled,’ he told
me. ‘I have asked a number of questions about the base and never
get a satisfactory answer.’
The Ministry of Defence did admit that RAF Feltwell has a
special US unit ‘tracking man-made objects in deep space.’ ”


Aerial view of RAF Feltwell, East Anglia, UK

(pinterest.com photo)

Satellite photo of Feltwell, UK (tageo.com)

(tageo.com photo)

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