UFO Sighting in Carson City, Nevada on June 28th 2015 – When I first noticed the UFO it wass traveling it seemed from north to northwest. Then it stopped NW. Then disappeared.

On 6/28/15 at approximately 1300 hours, I walked out my front door onto my porch and sat in my chair which faces north. As I looked up I saw a black object in the sky moving slowly. There was no wind here during that time. It seemed to travel NW from the north. And then it stopped and was stationary. After about a total time of a minute and a half it just diappeard. I knew what i was looking at wasnt anything i had ever seen before. I was in awe. In noticed if you enlarge the object in the photo, that I took, it appears to have white aura and messed up pixels. A friend of mine said I should report it. So, here I am. Thank you

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