UFO Sighting in Saratoga, Wyoming on September 27th 2015 – First noticed the lights in the distance 4x after the lights 4 different objects 15 min apart, lights then object went on for 1hour.

Hello, writing this tonight as I am sitting on my couch. I am having a hard time processing what I and my husband saw on September 27, 2015 starting events took place at 9pm. I guess I will just start telling you my night and how everything happened. I was excited to watch the moon last night. Talking to a good friend outside for awhile at this point the moon was white with a little shading on the left side. After a bit I told her I saw a shooting star. Shortly after shooting star I said what in the world was that!! I saw 2 bright lights in the distance. I was facing East. The lights just appeared and shot off unbelievably fast towards moon then disappeared. Didn’t think much about it but in back of my head I thought that was different. The sky seemed energized. We hung up and I went on with mother duties hoping that with in an hour I would be outside to look at the moon. Washed up my 3 month old and put my other kids to bed. Everything was going well I was going to be back out by 9. Went out quickly and saw no moon. Sat down in chair and just started looking at the sky. It was truly a glorious night. The stars were amazing and bright. The moon had just started coming back out and darker red. I told my husband to come check this out cause it won’t happen again till 2033. We were just hanging out smoking a ciggertte. That’s when I noticed the lights again same path as before. The hubby was like that was cool different shooting star. I said to him that is the second time I have seen the same lights same path. Strange! As that second set of lights passed I saw something above me. I still can’t process what I saw. It was solid, black, triangle middle, with wings like a boomerang. Flying low and passed over my house. I said to the hubby did you or do you see that? He said I am seeing things. 15 min later watching the moon and the sky another set of lights. Same path. This time Hubby watched them better. He says it was 4 lights heading in direction of the moon but this time they were scrambling in different directions then just disappeared. After lights then another object is flying towards us then changed direction and headed towards moon. Once again hubby thinks I am seeing things, like an Owl. I said Hun that object is bigger than a owl!! So at this point I don’t know what I am seeing. Are my eyes playing tricks on me??? 15 min later same lights same path. Once again object flying over my house again!! We only had our phones and the hubby is trying to get video or a pic. Phone’s flash not turning off we can’t get a pic we can’t get video all that is happening is his bright light on phone. This time though the hubby says “what the blank was that!” So now we are really watching and wondering at the same time what did we just see again! 15 min later same light same path! Once again another object same shape same everything. So now at this point we are are really starting to question each other. That’s when I get into contact with my brother. He is in the military a commander in the Navy. I told him there is some strange activity in the sky tonight. He says yup it’s an eclipse I said besides that. He asks me what I am seeing. I tell him I can’t put into words what we are witnessing. I proceed to tell him it looks like a triangle in the middle but wings and solid. The stars are so bright that you can make out a shape. Closer to ground than a plane. He asks like a boomerang Pointy shape I said yes but some curve to it. I peaked his interest when I told him about the lights in distance than a object would be flying over us or toward us. No lights on this object! He was trying to help me process this. I for one have never been one to say UFO. This has me wondering though!!! Is there other life out there in the universe. We we were not frightened in any way, we were more on the aspect of what is this? So as of today on the 28th of September the hubby came home from work and after dinner we went outside to smoke and talk about the day. He said he talked about what happened with two co workers. One co worker said that her boyfriend went fishing on Saturday at a place called Treasure Island, and expirenced a green light of some sort and it ended up crashing. She said that he was so freaked out that he left in mid fishing and high tailed it out of there. Then the owner of the store (in Rawlins) said he believes and he has had an expirence. He also said though that we are in a flight path to Cheyanne,Wy. That B2 bombers would fly this path supposedly.do you think after living in this house for 4 months that maybe o would have noticed this earlier We also live by an airport but no planes took off I did however see a plane in the distance but not where we were seeing these sightings. Now I know B2 bombers can fly off radar and lower, but can they fly with out a safety light on the outside like a plane has a red/ green light on them. I guess that part didn’t make sense to me. That there should have been some type of light on a wing or the back of this object. I was also informed that B2 bombers are based in Missouri. I guess I am racking my brain trying to figure out different logical reasons for what we saw. The lights though I don’t know. They appeared out of no where and disappeared into thin air. I don’t know what any of this will bring if any answers at all but my brother thought it couldn’t hurt to get ahold of you and try and describe what we saw. All I do is think about it and play it over in my head. Maybe there is a logical reason and maybe it’s something from out of this world. Either way though some part of me has a new way of thinking, that maybe we are not alone after all. Thanks for your time!

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