Green Thumb Girls-Earth Watch Vlog-Chemtrails & Sun Dog (Halo)

Another chemmed out day. I caught a sun halo on video… I have been documenting chemtrails for years & have been active in the quest to find out why (that I have learned) & bring awareness to others. I can’t count how many times I’ve stopped stingers on the street, parking lot etc. and made them look up & gave em’ my spiel. I would keep fliers w/ info on geoengineering on my car & give them out w/ my spiel. I first became interested in chemtrails when I saw a news report that showed how planes were creating clouds (they said said it was from air traffic) I started paying attention to them & the sky mores than I did and then began photographing & documenting them. I have at least 20,000 photos. I’m a shutterbug so…

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