QinetiQ could be the British Area 51

The streets in front of the building do look like an alien. QinetiQ has a Jewish Gematria value of 303. Adolf Hitler and Pentagon has the same value. The Brits spell defense with a C.

EXCLUSIVE: British Area 51? Claims secret ALIEN research base uncovered in Farnborough | Science | News | Daily Express


The British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society (BEAMS) has released a bizarre 109-page report, following a “special investigation” into the former MoD Defence Evaluation and Research Agency site now run by specialist defence, security and aerospace developer Qinetiq.
BEAMS claims Farnborough has had high UFO sighting and alien abduction activity for years and thinks this might be connected to the alleged secret base.
The group is convinced there is as much underground as above and what goes on there involves aliens, UFOs, intergalactic defence and futuristic flight development.
Their bizarre theory is based upon cryptic alien symbols they have “discovered” within the site, alleged intelligence service whistleblower testimonies, and the responses from psychic researchers, the report claims.


030326c.jpg Co-locating QinetiQ’s major EM test facilities

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