UFO Sighting in Alexandria, Virginia on October 18th 1989 – What seemed like a high speed chase

1.I was in P.E. class, playing in our school field along with class mates around mid day of John Adams elementary school.

2. The two F-15 fighter jets is what I first saw.

3. At first I thought it was a jet as well but saw it had no resemblance to anything I’ve ever seen in the air.

4.The UFO was silver and shined bright I assume by the reflection of the sky light, it flew in the middle and slightly in front of the two F-15’s, the three flew straight from NE to NW, above all the trees behind the school. You could only hear the sound of the two jets as they left sight.

5.startled and very confused, I can’t remember if I asked any of my fellow classmates if they saw it, I know no one asked me, went on doing what I was doing after they were gone.

6.They flew past the trees out of sight. felt it was less than a minute.

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