UFO Sighting in Bessemer City, North Carolina on September 17th 2015 – Glowing white light that changed shapes emited red and green lights, followed I 85 southbound.

I was on my way home from work heading down interstate 85 southbound in Gastonia, as I passed exit 20 I noticed a bright white orb that seemed to be spinning and flipling around changing shapes. At first I thought it was the moon with clouds blowing over it making it appear distorted. However there was no light reflecting in the clouds around it as what happens when the moon is partly covered in clouds. Once I saw the shape change I knew it was not the moon. I got excited at this point. I continued down i85 south until I got to bessemer city and exited towards my house. At the top of the ramp I snapped my first picture which was of a blurry, glowing orb with absolutely no light around it!!! I got this feeling as if I should stop on the road by my house to try to see it. (Almost like I was being told to!) So from the time I got off the interstate until I got to my street I only caught a couple of glimpses of it. It seemed to be continuing above i85 south. Once I got to the next street over from my house I stopped and sure enough I saw it again and was amazed. This thing was glowing like an orb one second, the next the light seemed to take more of the classic saucer shape. Once I stopped I could faintly see a red light flashing in sequence on it. This is when I grabbed my phone and took a couple of quick videos(my memory is almost full so I didn’t want to take a long video then risk loosing it if I ran out of memory) once I got my camera on it and zoomed in I noticed not only the red dot flashing but a faint green one as well. This thing was way up there too, I had to zoom all the way in to get these videos so I would estimate it to be in the 10’s of thousands of feet up in the sky. Right as I stopped recording on one of the videos it accelerated and dissappeared briefly, only to reappear a few seconds later as the glowing orb again. This time I zoomed in and took several pictures, and in each one the shape is somewhat different. It is a semicircle in one, then and orb, then like a pie with a few pieces missing. I stayed with it until I lost it over the tree tops as it appeared to continue above i85 southbound.

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