UFO Sighting in Park Ridge, Illinois on September 27th 2015 – While observing the red moon on Sept 27th 2 orange objects came from the south going north. Near OHare aiirport.

Sept 27th at around 10:00pm I was observing the red blood moon with and without my binoculars in my parking lot. One of my neighbors was walking his dog in the parking lot also and we were talking about the moon. All of a sudden there were 2 bright orange lights coming from the south. What caught my eye is the orange lights were very bright not like plane lights which I’m familiar with because I live next to OHare Airport in Park Ridge, Il. Also what caught my eye was that they were flying parallel to each other maybe about 100-200 yards apart from each other. I thought for a moment maybe they were fighter jets the kind that fly in air shows. But then I noticed the Orange light on the right had hesitation erratic moves not like a steady flight pattern. Then the one orange light on the left was trying to keep up with the orange light on the right. Then they were trying to keep up with each other at the same speed. When I first noticed the 2 Orange lights in the far distance it looked like the were going the same speed but when they got closer the were changing speeds to keep up with each other while still traveling parallel to each other. At that point my guess was they weren’t airplanes. I ran from my parking lot to my patio to get my binoculars. I still could see the 2 Orange lights from my patio but due to there path my building started to block my view. So I ran back to the parking lot to still see if I could still observe the 2 Orange lights but 1 light was gone and the other was still traveling south. By then I had my binoculars and saw the object with my binoculars. It was a Bright orange ball with a brighter white light towards the center. It was traveling very fast and it was hard to keep up with it while looking through my binoculars. Then I decided not to use my binoculars and just observe it with the naked eye because of its speed. Then it started to flicker out then disappear. I noticed a small white trail after it had disappeared. A part of me says they were some kind of flares but at the same time what confuses me is that they were traveling parallel to each other and also the movements and speed that they were traveling at raises my curiosity. What were they?

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