Val Valiant Thor and element 140

In this video Phil Schneider talks about Thor who has a life span of 490 years, an IQ of 1200 and speaks 100 languages. He has six fingers & toes and his blood is copper oxide like an octopus. Element 140 is impervious to almost everything once mixed with other alien metals.

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8. Schneider presents two physical samples of alien metals and elements that are unknown to the public. One of these is Corbamite, or element 140, and is the heaviest element in the world. It is 3.5x the weight of uranium, scratches diamond and sapphire easily, cannot be made to emit gamma rays, cannot be an isotope, and is totally stable. It is used in all stealth aircraft and Phoenix-class submarines. When combined with other alien elements, it is impregnable. It cannot be melted with charged particle beam weapons, and can withstand temperatures of 1 million degrees farenheit. Since the publicly known periodic table of elements contains only 104 elements, clearly there is much, much more known in the black project areas of science and military that we are not privy to! (See 28:38 mins)

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