Black Triangle Sighting in Stoke-on-Trent, on September 9th 2015 – triangle ufo 3 lights on corners and 1 in the middle with possible mayan markings

I live in stoke-on-trent near two flight paths and am very used to the sight of planes but monday was strange, i stepped outside for a cigarette at 21.45 and as soon as i did i noticed a bright light in the north east sky i immediately knew it was not a plane so i turned to ask my girlfriend to please fetch my phone and as i turned around in the sky right above my house a triangle craft was just passing over, i would describe the craft as approximately 80-150 feet across with 3 corner lights and a round hollowed light in the middle, i also caught a very small glimpse of almost mayan looking markings on the underside of the craft, the craft made no sound whatsoever which i immediately noticed as it was only approximately 150 feet above my house, the craft was visible only for approximately 15 seconds at the most, the craft was on a north west to south east direction flight path, then the first object that had cought my attention passed over and i could now see it was not a plane but looked man made and it was definitely following the craft at a diatance.

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