UFO Sighting in Hesperia, California on September 27th 2015 – Around orb getting brighter in Denver brighter in Denver and then eventually this in the disappearing I have it on video

September 28th 2015 at 1 o’clock I observed a light towards the wrightwood mountains for about 15 minutes it got brighter Deimer brighter dimer and then eventually disappeared the next day I tell my family they kind of laughed at me that night my brother goes to work at night he tells me I see the lights you’re talking about and I was like don’t be lying to me you don’t be making fun of me and he goes no dude if you go outside you can see it I go outside and now it’s facing east about five minutes later my neighbor comes out to go to work and he’s like what is that and I was like I don’t know about 5 minutes after that my cousin calls tells me the same I call the operator Sheriff’s Department tell him it’s in the eastern sky he lets me know that he does see it he has no idea what it is and that was the end of the call then the next day I see all the news San Bernardino Riverside San Diego County also the same thing. Can I have the video of both nights if you would like to see it

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