UFO Sighting in Port Saint Lucie, Florida on October 2nd 2015 – Flashing object that remained in one spot for over 2 hours , 3 days in a row

First night, saw flashing object in night sky. Was not at a high altitude from our observation. Green, red, orange alternating colors. But was odd and made us more curious. Also this object whatever it is, stays stationary. ( hovering) There was other air traffic in the area and you could clearly distinguish what is expected to be seen as to what is out of the norm. Second night found same object, same colors, same behavior, however higher in the sky. Third night October 2nd once again found same object position roughly I between last two. This time I had a telescope. What I saw was something round, it appeared to spin or rotate. Basically a disc with balls of light spaced evenly emitting the colors described earlier. Through magnification I could only make it out. Obviously this is something not man made, a rare visual find. To the point where we felt compelled to submit this report. Maybe it’s nothing, maybe it is. But in my opinion it falls under the strange out of the ordinary, unidentifiable!

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