UFO Sighting in Ingleside, Texas on June 23rd 2015 – the sphere followed us home at night

It was sometime in june,before school had started.My daughter and I go rutine night fishing,thats what we were doing when the sighting occured.It was about 9:10 p.m. we both got in my car and headed down the road.My daughter is very into the UFO phenomena and always learns as much information about them as possible.The entire time we drove down the rode to the waters edge,she kept her eyes to the sky looking for anything ‘unusual’.Once we reached out spot,we both got out of the car and began to set up our small bit of fishing gear.Theres a large rock that my daughter and i always sit on,it was the best place to fish.because I had nothing else to do I kept my eyes on the sky and noticed a small orange orb lingering like a star.I kept my eye on it as my daughter continue fishing.it began to move and I quickly alerted my daughter. She lookd up happily she’d seen UFOs before so she was excited to add another sighting.as the object began to move it made a large circle around us, after about 30 minutes watching it I noticed several other small lights with it. after A full circle was made I grew tense so I told my daughter to pack up all the fishing gear and jump in the car.we did. at first the car had trouble starting but after a few twists of the key the car started.I began driving down the long narrow Road that led to our fishing spot. my daughter kept her eyes to the sky and informed me that it was following us. after a long pause of silence 3 patterned beeps were emitted from the car, my daughter and I didn’t recognize them. I wanted to continue driving but I had to hold because of a stoplight.I wasn’t paying attention to the skies but my daughter was she asked me how the object new where we lived. Northwest of our location was our home. the object continue down the road and turned directly over our house. the light turned green and I drove to our house. as soon as we reached the lawn I stop the car, jumped out, and ran to the door.my daughter stood outside trying to catch a glimpse of the object but the area we lived in at the time was wooded so you’d imagine it was no use

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