Black Triangle Sighting in West Yellowstone, Montana on October 5th 2015 – 3 Large black triangles

I was inside getting ready to watch a new episode of my favorite tv show after work, and heard loud jet noises outside. I had heard these noises before in recent years and observed a single large triangle craft flying overhead with the noises. Thinking I may be able to observe the craft again I raced outside.

Once outside I was able to see the craft flying overhead much lower than it did before. After watching the craft for a few seconds I noticed something I had not seen before; on each corner there was a glowing orange light that seemed to slowly pulse, and also this time I observed 3 craft not just one. The 3 craft formed a triangular flight pattern and only the front craft had the light turned on for it’s leading point, the other 2 craft only had the rear lights turned on.

I am not sure of any military craft that are as large as these objects that would be triangular. The outline of the craft was very clear against the starry night sky.

I observed the 3 craft fly north east of me and then begin to ascend, I attempted to wave at them to see if anything would happen but I soon lost sight of them behind the top of the trees.

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