Fighter pilots/ Helicopter pilots

I read thru the MUFON and NUFORC cases about once a week, I have been reading many lately where the witnesses see fighter jets, sometimes helicopters chasing the UFO, these go back many years, Im wondering if anyone on here had ever heard of any ex-pilots coming out and telling what they know about this? Surely as often as this has happened, they inform the pilots why they are being sent up, Im also sure they have some type of protocol for these events.

Its surprising I cannot find any accounts of ex pilots talking about this.

I have this sneaky feeling there is specific procedures for military pilots when being scrambled to deal with these things and there must be some retired pilots that are willing to talk about it.

The only results I get when googling this is commercial airline UFO type reports, which there are MANY, Im looking for something completely different.

My ex-wifes nephew is a pilot for the Air Force, he does fly fighters, but I havent spoken to him for years, Ive asked my ex to ask him about this, but she laughed about it.

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