How Gov./C.I.A./Organized crime sells drugs to your children to pay for Wall Street/Gov

VERITASVIEW’s COMMENT: My research has shown me that most of the worlds Intelligence Agencies, INCLUDING the CIA and the MOSSAD, are run by top individuals who have allegiance NOT to their respective countries, but to the New World Order. Because of this I disagree with Detective Ruppert’s assertion that the MOSSAD had nothing to do with 9-11, except that he did acknowledge the MOSSAD’s extensive foreknowledge. Although the evidence of the MOSSAD’s involvement is extensive, this acknowledgment in itself, should be prove enough of the MOSSAD major role in 9-11.
ORIGINAL UPLOAD TEXT: Detective Mike Ruppert Need Help Paying Medical Bills see, I think we should all send him $10.00

500 Billion to 1 TRILLION Dollars worth of DRUGS sold by CIA goes to pay for Social Security see Catherine Fitts explain in this Film

Tax money Collected see Peter Grace Commission Report done for President Regan, goes to Rothschilds, Vatican, Rockefellers and the others who OWN the FEDERAL RESERVE, we have given them TRILLIONS for only Printing our Money ( for Digging too deep they sent a see MkUltra Mind Controlled Person to Kill President Regan)

President Kennedy signed 11110 for Treasury to start Printing INTEREST FREE Money they printed 4.2 Billion, this is the Real Reason Kennedy was Murdered see film “FIAT EMPIRE” and VATICAN ASSASSINS,


Call your local talk shows and make it a topic of discussion.
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Want Real Solutions for our broken economy?? Watch “The Secret of OZ”, by Bill Still
Who are the Powers That Be? Watch “The Invisible Empire”, by Jason Burman
Is Israel an Ally? Watch “Dead in the Water”, by the BBC
How did things get this way? Watch “Forbidden Knowledge”, by Jack Otto
We were warned!! Watch JFKs ” Secrecy Repugnant”.
And “Eisenhower’s Fare Well Speech and Dire Warning”

When will you reach your Moral Imperative?????

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