UFO Sighting in Atascadero, California on September 20th 2015 – too many to explain, yes of N.O.C. shift sighting, odd dreams

Over my 26 years of life, I’ve had visitations by the “drone greys”, telepathic communication with greys and a single hybrid, abduction; so it would obviously seem in comparison to dreams, and over 30 ufo sightings also viewed by friends of mine in the San Luis Obispo county, California, very close to Diablo Canyon, outdated nuclear power station, with credible U.F.O sighting. to elude I’m not a nut, with a substandard I.Q and sociopathic agendas, i watch my T.E.D. talks, am a student at Cuesta College with a broad emphasis on education; sponsored by Diablo Canyon taxes, am aware of the elite institution, don’t like “vaccines, fluoride, pesticides, fertilizer, herbicides”, have decent grammar and diction, I’m socialist, i know the buddha and Krishna and Dao, etc. I have had dream premonitions of places unvisited and events yet to happen, telepathic conversation during an abduction, tours of a ship and its electro magnetic technology etc, colors smells technology, i asked all the right questions and asked for the event, childhood fixation, drawing, events of the Beta folks, operations involving drugs, attempted sexual bribery, laser augmentation, morphine, etc, a hybrid doctor who unveiled her “true self”, and have witnessed countless ufo sighting at work during 3-4 am, via a psychic request. I know what hertz can do for us, i know of magnets, and electrons etc, i know of tesla. I have had an mmpi, am diagnosed Autistic with a slurry of other western labels, and am not a hillbilly or bro. my family all knows, and believes, they’ve been through this for generations now. my family has been inhabiting the same geographical area for over 100 years dating to 4 generations, with my own abduction taking place near my grandparents. The Greys or Beta etc have science we have hear, so i feel. The elite agenda to hide truth is large, scary, and the dollar reigns. I want help, hoping not this isn’t a “non-profit” scheme with history channel b.s. with some sick sociopathic agenda. I know the earth future, with or without humans, it will be fine for billions of years. i just want more credibility from outside sources to validate odd odd things either other sentient visitors or fellows human have experimented on me and many other to be true. My apologies for grammatical errors and lack of shift caps on sentences. thanks. billy gene..etic, btw, i clean up my creek and care about the steelhead, save the steelhead! feed the 3/4 starving humans! excuse this long shot of ego validity, i don’t consent to unessecary government interference and violation of my constitutional rights. in all forms. I have a lot to share, and a lot of journalism, and that whole, freedom of information jazz, my county needs some media help, National Geographic just made a cool piece on car jackings in Santa Maria, f that place, huge amounts of industrial ag poison. Help out us folk in slo county dealing with rich sociopaths and way to many jets, ufos, nuclear soon to be disaster plants. Come on Mufon, you have corporate help. expose the truth, this is all real, and dating back to ww2 and beyond, things have been “influencing” this world. especially in the last 60 years, or me, and many others including government bodies, are just insane and twisted, etc…i am not quite sure on how to approach this. but, frequency is matter, matter is data, and manipulation of thus is sentience. All this occurred in San Luis Obispo, Ca, 93422. My feelings..many, i had marks, three dots in a triangle, white scars, on my left arm and leg, both of which were amputated and reinstated during my abduction. objects move randomly, non linear, faster than a satellite, stop trajectory, grow, shrink, leave red dots, look like magnesium glowing, always at 3-5 am. the organs belt seems to be a spot of interest, and the milky way tendril we can see, they use push-pull physics validated by hawking. its visible as they expand and contract. They telepathically bacon you to see them, as they have over 30 times. Really Mufon, sit outside at night from 3-5am in Slo County Ca and you’ll will assured see a spacecraft in the summer every night, every third night in other seasons. Its constant. You think texas sees a lot, not like CA. we have a deep ocean. I have a lot of information as a person and as a human to share. Be safe, in this very crooked world of money and sociopathic elites. I haven’t looked into History Channels funding, which isn’t good on my part, i hope you don’t get federal dollars as a means of brainwash for the masses, you are on cable t.v. muffin, but so is PBS and NPR. Amy Goodwin is still around, that assures me.

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