UFO Sighting in Farmington Hills, Michigan on March 31st 1966 – large metal disc 100′-160′ wide traveling Straight South

I was playing in the Neighbor’s backyard when my sister started yelling and screaming from the front yard, she’s Fairly dramatic and we ignored her for a while and then took our time going around the house to see what was up…looking at her friend who was speachless and full of fear.. I thought my sister hurt herself… but she pointed to the South.. and there was a large craft heading away from us that disappeared at the end of the road through trees(no leaves), the craft was metallic, almost reflective.. it’s top and bottom were angled slightly in while the middle of it was more verticle and had panel sections that were darker and may have been windows.. the verticle section was over 10′ tall.. my guess on the overall height would be around 20-25′ and the width was around 100-160′, the wall panel area did not rotate, but the lower and upper areas could have. Height above the ground 500′ or less.. looked like it passed over the tall trees at the end of the road by about 1 or 2 times their height. My sister and friend both said it came from the North and went right down the middle of the road.. it did not appear to change elevation or direction… where I was playing tight to the backside of a house… we did not notice any noise, smell or shadow that alerted us.. just my sisters scream… My sister said that she saw a person in the vehicle’s window… her friend didn’t say that she did… We told my mom…who thought my sister was up to her old tricks.. tried to let the subject go.. but, she finally called my dad… who came home earlier but not immediately.. we described it to him all four of us and then he called somebody to report it… I believe he called the Farmington Police and/or Oakland County Sheriffs department… there were other reports like it and then he called my Mom’s cousin, who was a high up in the Air force at Wright-Patterson… the next day two men in a unmarked dark sedan showed up, and we told them what we saw.. they asked some questions, talked a little with Dad and then left, then in the next day or two after dinner, Mom’s cousin came to the house, dressed in uniform with another man that was not (and said almost nothing), we (sister and I)were asked about it and after my mom made tea, she took me and my two sisters for a walk.. in the dark… I think that is the first time we ever did that that late at night…and that was it nothing more.. ( this was when I was 6 or 7 my sister was 11 or 12).. until about 15 years ago a good friend of mine said the old neighbor would be in town and wanted to see me.. we met for dinner and she brought the UFO up… in nearly the same way.. and it still bothers her and her sister… MY sister still remembers it too.

A couple of weeks went by and as I was visiting my parents I mentioned that I saw her and then brought up the UFO…he said quite bluntly that it was a UFO that was confirmed by Mom’s cousin in the Air Force.. My mom startled me when she said her cousin was on a team that retrieves downed UFO’s…

As a side note… a couple of years later my mom had a stroke and I was talking to my dad and he brought up the UFO sighting, said he was sorry for not taking about it earlier, but he was asked not to.. and then said that the last time he visited with mom’s cousin.. he asked him about his work.. and he said that.. there are Space Crafts and Aliens… Upon my Dad’s death, unknown co-workers (1940-1962) told me about his past employment.. Dad told us he was a chief draftsmen for a defense contractor ( the only lie I have ever heard him say)… they said he was the Companies top manager of Engineering.. designed the guidance gyro’s for the Navies Bo-Mark (nuclear defense miss el), Dart drone gyro copter, target practice Jet drones for the Korean War…they all figured he was a dead man when he quit in 1962… either by CIA/FBI or by Russians…too much important design knowledge… they said multiple times the Feds came in and gave them a scare/threatened if they were to leave..

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