UFO Sighting in Maryland on September 26th 2015 – a string of 50 or more objects with high altitude changed direction and formation several times while passing

while standing on my balcony smoking a cigarette, off to my left above the rooftops further out I saw what thought was string of balloons rotating in the sky. But for being so high and far away they would have had to be really large. My balcony veiw can see where the planes come in and circle before landing. I saw a plane a minutes before but none during the entire time the objects crossed the sky.
The rotating string of objects although rotating were also moving across the sky fast, and smoothly changed from rotating to slithering up and down in tight formation still looking connected. The motions looked like a dragon. and i’m now saying to myself what am I looking at.It didn’t seem like something balloons would do,but I still felt it was some sort of objects on a string, until it changed directions and formation again. As this is happening the objects were moving in almost a circle path around my point of veiw. So when they made this formation change into a v formation they were turning towards my direction now getting closer. I now felt ok its a huge fleet of birds, but i could see no wings moving. getting closer I could now see the motions of the objects changing directions like fish, but still saw no wings or flapping. and the speed was to fast for birds. once to the east of my sight the objects changed formation again to the string pattern and changed direction moving away,where I could see they were not connected, where no birds, or balloons. Each time the formation changed different object took the lead which doesnt seem possible something connected. I’ve lived within eyesite of major airports my entire life but was left feeling scared from what I saw. I never saw birds that big, fly in such tight and strange patterns, and especially that fast. and I’ve never seen that many fighters at once,that low, or with no sound.

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