UFO Sighting in Pacific Grove, California on October 5th 2015 – Starlike flashes which bloomed and then faded near Cygnus and Cassiopia

Pacific Grove California; Lat 36.600239, Long -121.931648 at 10:58 PM Pacific Time on 10-04-2015; very high angle from the horizon, almost vertical (~85 deg)

Beautiful clear sky; observed at least ten or more starlike flashes, one at a time, which bloomed and then faded at different random points on an linear path between Cygnus and Cassiopia, appearing essentially in the region from Cygnus to Cassiopia in almost popcorn fashion. Starlike object dwelled stationary for short periods at times with out moving, indicating no constant lateral velocity or propulsion, therefore not a satellite. The starlike object would appear in one position, go out, and then appear (“pop up”) in another position; second observer, my wife also observed the same phenomenon, we were both surprised; I’ve seen single flashes before, but nothing this numerous; no sound; starlike objects appeared to be very high altitude; no tail on the starlike objects; it’s unlikely they were numerous meteorites coming straight towards me having no tail; I stopped watching when none appeared for a while; the video on my cell phone didn’t show anything because of the low light intensity; if anyone else was looking at this region of the sky at the same time, they may have seen the starlike flashes; a similar occurrence was reported near Cassiopia on October 19, 2014 on the AboveTopSecret webasite

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