UFO Sighting in Reservoir, Victoria on October 5th 2015 – UFO – Melbourne 4th October 2014 7:14 pm

Sitting on my balcony I noticed a flashing white light in the South (around 25 kilometers away from me) I had my camcorder handy and looked through it to see what it was, after I noticed it was flashing and irregular white light, very unlike a plane I then started filming it and after looking at it and it being such a long distance from my location I thought it might be a plane so I stopped filming after 1 minute and 32 seconds, just to be sure I went into my room to go online to view the Plane Finders flights in that area and to my amazement there was nothing on radar so I quickly went back outside and starting filming it again.

When I first spotted this object it was located around the MCG and traveling in a Westerly direction until it reached (I think) the Ascot Vale suburb and then it started going toward a North/Westerly direction until it disappeared out from sight into the distance.

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