1968 Zanthus Pilots Update.

Hi guys…I started a thread a few years ago titled… ‘The No.1 Aussie Case?’…(basically to name your favourite UFO/ETH case from Australia) …and in post 15 our good friend Altria came up with ‘The 1968 Zanthus pilot/UFO sighting’….


Altria 07-02-2011,10:17 PM…. https://www.alien-ufos.com/ufo-alien…ssie-case.html

22 August 1968 Zanthus WA 1740hrs 10mins 2M Smith & Gardin
Aircraft VHRTO was flying a charter run between Adelaide and Perth. Was at 8000 feet, 190-195 knots, tracking 270 degrees magnetic. Gardin saw a UFO and woke Smith. Ahead of the aircraft at the same level and 50 degrees to the right of Smith’s seat, Smith said “I saw, a formation of aircraft. In the middle was a large aircraft, and formatted to the right and left and above, were 4 or 5 smaller aircraft. ”Kalgoolie DCA advised them there was no traffic in the area. Then radio communications were lost. “Main ship split into two sections still maintaining the same level, and the smaller aircraft then flew out left and right…At this time there appeared to be about 6 smaller aircraft taking turns of going out and coming back and formatting in the two halves…Sometimes the two halves joined and split, and the whole cycle continued for 10 minutes…smaller craft had a constant cigar shape…At 0950 GMT the whole formation joined together as if at a single command. Then departed at a tremendous speed…departed in about 3 or 4 seconds, diminishing in size till out of sight.” Weather was fine, no haze above 5000 feet, 2/8 alto stratus to the south. Immediately after the departure of the objects radio communications resumed. (1.Pages 218-223 of digital copy of RAAF file 580/1/1 part 10. [Not in RAAF summary]) 2. Victorian UFO Research Society. 3. Flying Saucer Review 24(5):9-10.) Keith Basterfield Archive I liked this case as well due to the revealing of unusual maneuvers observed.I think this is a real event so i rate it a c

….I found this case and link that Altria presented very interesting (I always do when they concern experienced pilots) and searched for a little more info, because I thought that it was a pretty decent sighting, with solid competent witnesses …and wondered why it wasn’t one of the ‘better known cases’?…and also wanted to eliminate the possibility (that was niggling in the back of my mind) that the two pilots might just have witnessed some kind of ‘weird-plasma-event’….but found no more about the case to consider!. ….And then just today,whilst browsing the net, I came across an update (of kinds) that Keith Basterfield had made to his original report , a couple of months after Altria had posted his original entry! …It’s a bit more in-depth and includes the original ‘RAAF’ document and statement from ‘Captain Smith’ …and Keith’s Sept 15 2011 telephone interview with ‘Captain Walter Gardin’!



….the old thread is closed and I was going to request it’s reopening to add this update …but thought that the case was good enough to have a thread of it’s own. :thumbs:


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