Black Triangle Sighting in Yuba City, California on October 3rd 2015 – 2 sightings in thunderstorm- 1 a light second a gold/yellow triangle

I went to Boyds pump to take photos of a thunderstorm to get lightening photos, I ran out of space on my sd card so I ran home and transferred the photos I had taken to my laptop, cleared my card and went back to the same location to shoot more photos. I got a weird feeling, like I should leave that got quite intense and i was scared, but was not sure exactly why. When I got home I loaded my photos onto my computer, and realized there were 2 different photos that had a strange and unexplainable object in them. The first was yellowish colored light that appeared to be shooting out of a cloud that was a really strange shape ( the cloud was an x shape with the lower 2 legs of the x flattened to make a straight line) and the second photo i had noticed a strange shape just under the clouds. When I zoomed in on it I realized it was a triangle with a circle and some sort of marking that resembled almost a face on the bottom of it. i just found it to be extremely weird so I decided to report it.

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