UFO Sighting in Benton Harbor, Michigan on September 20th 2015 – Me and a fellow employee went out the front door at work to smoke, we sat down on ground, I looked up a saw object

I was at work on Sunday September 20 2015,we were going outside to have a smoke brake, we all sat down on the curb, I ladyed back on the ground, that’s when I noticed what looked like a bright star. It was a Beautiful day out, not one cloud in the sky (blue), I watched the star like object for about five minutes. It did not move in the sky at all it stayed in one spot but every once in a while it looks to me like it was spinning clockwise every once in a while I would see a glare of sunlight reflecting off the object like it was spinning. Not sure how high it was up in the sky just north of where I work is in airport for personal aircraft, commercial planes fly overhead all day long from Chicago airports we live close to Lake Michigan ( Southwest Michigan ) sure this was not a plane it looked so much like a star but closer , after watching the object for about five minutes I thought I might want to go get my phone ( camera ) when I came back outside it was still there.I recorded it until it just disappeared I didn’t see it do any movements it’s like it went straight up and disappeared. After this all happened I tried to just blow this off,but two weeks have gone by and I still can’t stop thinking about it, i’m sure this was not a plane,a star,a satellite , or a weather balloon, hopefully you can analyze the footage I have and see if you can figure out what this is

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