UFO Sighting in Longview, Washington on October 5th 2015 – Hovering object pulsating multiple colors objects passed through eachother

Myself and my friend were out smoking a cig when I noticed a hovering object to the north at around 500 ft in the distance approx. 1 mile away. several other small objects moving around larger object then 1 smaller object passed through larger object. Observed for over 30 minutes hovering and then moving up and hovering for another 10 minutes several objects. Then object came towards us moving south at an estimated 200 to 500 ft making no sound whatsoever could not see shape of object only multi colored lights. Second similar object spotted at the same time to the west which got brighter and dimmer then disappeared. Several eyewitnesses to this event. I am former military and I have never witnessed anything like this. Several minutes later witnessed a similar craft and the passing through by another craft to the north west the small object that passed through then turned into 2 red lights solid.

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