Detachment of the soul – the room copies

I found this little piece of regressive hypnosis.
Here she recalls being introduced in a machine that is used to separate the soul from the body. Seeing scene from the alleged (or rather its part of the soul separate from the body) sees its container and a copy created by aliens of the original subject.

Here you can hear the original recording in Italian, even if you do not understand the dialogue is easy to imagine the despair of the person abducted by ET …
Below I have tried to translate the English content.

-What Happens now?

-Now they’re done, I seem to pass under a metal thing that looks like a structure that I saw when I went away with the plane, when it controlled the suitcases in something flowing, a metal and I step in and I They make a kind of slab …


-Now I see all black, do not breathe I can not breathe …. I do not know where I’m going to, then go into a tube, a transparent tube along … I can not breathe … then the tube bends and then there are two naked people, I am one of them … but I do not know what they are!


-Do I know who I am! …. Because now they are not even dressed … I have nothing on me … I am ashamed (crying) …
I want to go home … (cries)

-Do Not worry, soon you back home.

– (Crying) no I bring home (cries)

-How Did the same to you? is very like you one?

-It Is like me (cries)

-Uguale Identically?


-How old are you? (The hypnotist asked the abductee to remember an episode when she was a child)


– Excellent, in this tube as you are? horizontal or vertical?

-I’m …. Horizontal, and Horizontal, the other, both of you!


-We Are two … I do not understand who I am, I am … but they are two people, a sleep (fear) … I’m awake and the other asleep …

-And Now what happens?

-What happens? I see myself from above …


-For A moment I moved again but then I had to face … then I see myself from above

-Great You see from the top and there are two “you” the same?


-But who are you?

-I who am I? …. (fear) then … I am (scared) … I am the right one …

-What’s The difference?

-What One of the two sleeps, I instead I have just fallen asleep (she now sees these two bodies from above) … there’s something that came out, that is the soul that came out because the other sleeps. .. is equal to me but not me …. but I am not me, I do not understand … (fear)

-great … So you see from above? you have a body?

-no no…

-How Long it exists?

-But I and so, I have no time …

-You Do not have the time … What are you doing in this place?

-But I’m looking at that stupid … because the body got caught ….

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