UFO Sighting in Kendrick, Idaho on October 6th 2015 – Saw a bright white round object flying across the sky and then it just disappeared

I stepped outside to smoke around 730 pm, Oct.6.2015 I sat down in my chair and was just looking up at sky when I saw what I thought at first was a star and then I realized that it was moving. It was just a white light, no blinking or colored lights like on an airplane. I opened the door and yelled at my son to come look at it. He came outside and we watched it for a few more seconds and then it just vanished. A second before it disappeared we could clearly see it slightly change directions. Just this in it’s self would not seem so strange except for the fact that this is the third one I have seen in two days and my son saw the same thing last sunday night. They all seem to be going in about the same direction,from west to east, but at different altitudes. All of them look the same, white, seems to be round but they are to far away to tell, they move really fast and they all move along the sky for a few seconds and then just vanish.

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