UFO Sighting in Sandtown, Delaware on August 9th 2015 – Spotted lights low over the road near treetops, got out of vehicle and noticed boomerang shaped object, then it mover

Was returning home from work at app. 9:50 p.m est on rte. 10 in Sandtown delaware, when I noticed lights low above the road just clearing the trees. It was just hovering there. I got out of the truck and noticed the boomerang shaped object with lights on the sides of the craft. The lights were white, bright and steady. It then began to move slowly in the direction towards Felton and Harrington Delaware which I estimate to be S.E. I then noticed as it moved slowly that it had a humming, swishing sound. Upon telling my wife, she described hearing the humming “pulsing” sound. She was about one mile away. I’ve never seen anything like this other than a hand held boomerang. I was with my father-in-law who also witnessed the lights and object and said that he has never witnessed anything like that before.

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